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    GARIGA RUJU EVO OIL - golden bottle cl. 50 - GARIGA

    Manufacturer: Gariga
    Ruju is a blend that combines Sardinian and Apulian varieties. This line was born from an agronomic error made in our land 20 years ago, when, instead of the Sardinian varieties, the tree nursery gave us Coratina, the flagship diamond of the cultivars of Puglia Italian region. From this error Ruju is born, a mixing between Coratina and Pibireddu, cultivars respectively from Puglia and Sardinia. These are two Italian regions that meet to create a blend never seen before! Surely the most captivating and passionate olive oil of our production.
    SKU: OE000048
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    Tasting notes: unripe olive oil with an artichoke and almond aroma and with a persistent peppery hint. It is a decisively structured olive oil.

    Matching: seafood entrée, salads and fish.