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    Sardinia Quality World

    In Sardinia life has more taste..!!

    You will discover it in INSULA, where every single detail speaks of our land, every gastronomic, artistic and cultural experience is the passionate narration of the best producers, chefs, food and wine chefs, artisans, designers and artists of Sardinia.


    Insula takes you on an exclusive journey to discover the flavors of our land.

    In every moment of the day, from breakfast to lunch, from the apericena to dinner and after dinner, we love to pamper and delight our customers by giving exclusive food and wine experiences, that you can not forget.

    INSULA is a strictly local, ethical, original, eco-sustainable, tasty and genuine gastronomic proposal.

    Typical breads, cheeses, meats, meats, fish products, fruit and vegetables, pasta, desserts, wines, oils, preserves and gastronomic specialties, all strictly "Made in Sardinia", proposed by our thematic areas (Insula Restaurant & Grill, Insula PizzaGourmet, Insula Bistrot, Insula Lounge and in the INSULA Showroom - an exclusive Boutique with food and wine productions and creations of Sardinian Master craftsmen),


    Come and visit us in Porto Cervo Marina, in Via della Marina, at Insula Sardinia Experiences, to try an unforgettable food and wine experience, Insula has prepared for you four different experiential paths within the restaurant:

    Insula Sardinia Restaurant -

    A sensory journey through tasty dishes strictly made with ingredients from our land, a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Additionally, Insula offers a selection of the finest meats and seafood productions from Sardinia prepared on the grill.

    Insula pizza Gourmet-

    The Insula Gourmet Pizza journey offers you the tasting of a naturally leavened and slow-matured pizza, light and tasty, rigorously filled with preserves, cheeses, cured meats, vegetable and seafood productions from our land.

    Insula Sardinia Lounge -

    The Insula Lounge journey takes you on a journey to discover the best wines from our land, craft beers, liqueurs, spirits, and cocktails rigorously Made in Sardinia.

    Insula Sardinia Showroom -

    In our Showroom, you will be able to purchase the finest agri-food and wine productions from Sardinia. Additionally, you will find a showcase of the most beautiful creations by designers and master craftsmen from Sardinia.

    FOR INFO AND RESERVATIONS, call +39 333 7938701




    SARDINIA LOUNGE BAR: 18:00 - 01:00

    SARDINIA SHOWROOM: 18:00 - 00:00

    Insula Sardinia Experiences | Experience the tradition, experience the taste.

    ART and CULTURE and FOOD

    Insula is the ideal place to discover the exclusive productions of the master craftsmen and designers of Sardinia.

    In the Insula Showroom, located in Via della Marina in Porto Cervo Marina you can buy the excellent food and wine productions and the productions of the Sardinian Master artisans

    Insula takes you on a journey to discover the traditions of Sardinia, in the square of events (in front of Showroom) will alternate art exhibitions, thematic workshops, cultural events to discover a world called Sardinia.

    We are waiting for you in Porto Cervo Marina in via della Marina, in front of Porto Turistico and in our showroom and restaurant, to live a unique experience all Made in Sardinia.