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    SAFFRON GIN BOIGIN CL 70 - Saffron flavoured gin SILVIO CARTA

    Manufacturer: Silvio Carta
    To portray Sardinia by capturing its heart and soul in a bottle: this is the challenging task that led to the creation of Boigin Saffron with DOP Sardinian saffron. The latest addition to the gin family, it is a full, potent and voluptuous spirit. It conveys to the nose and palate the aromas of one of Sardinia’s most fascinating and typical areas, the Medio Campidano, enriching an already well-loved alchemy. The recipe Elio Carta created with DOP Sardinian saffron gives a Boigin that retains the main characteristics of its young, fresh and supple character but is inflamed with an irresistible golden colour. A spirit with a strong local identity, in line with contemporary trends in the world of gin, which is seeing the appearance of more and more products that encapsulate their place of origin. It is a tribute to Sardinia and proof of the great love that binds Silvio Carta to the island and its outstanding qualities, which make it unique in the world.
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    Deep golden yellow.


    Citrus scents are at the forefront and intertwine with notes of Mediterranean scrub,

    together supporting the sweet and silky burst of Sardinian saffron.


    Enveloping and fresh, a silky caress of flavour and fullness on the palate.